Aphrodite Jones on the Suspect Convictions Podcast

SUSPECT CONVICTIONS, a podcast about the ongoing prosecution of Stanley Liggins and his conviction for the murder of 9-year-old Jennifer Ann Lewis, is so fascinating that its gone viral. It’s a creepy case that will haunt you. The killer left little Jennifer to burn in a schoolyard, her body set on fire after she’d been strangled and violated. Ex-con Stanley Higgins has been convicted twice of this murder, but both convictions were overturned and he now will face a third trial in May. The series points to a second possible suspect and wonders: Is there a killer out on the loose? Will Liggins walk free, even though his prior criminal record indicates he’s a danger to society?

Suspect Convictions tells it all – in real time. It has hit #2 on iTunes and I'm now weighing in. Catch it on Tuesday, February 21 onwww.suspectconvictions.com/podcast or on WVIK, an NRP affiliate based in the Quad Cities.