It was December 13, 2005 when Eric Clark set off from Birmingham to a liquor store in Atlanta. Employed at a steel plant by day, Eric occasionally moonlighted as a private bartender to earn extra cash –not to mention, liquor’s much cheaper across the state line.

Normally, Eric made the two-hour drive with his wife, Constance. However, she told Eric that she was feeling under the weather. Eric, who was driving his silver Acura alone, was finding it hard to stay awake. When Eric’s sister Kimberly called Eric to check in on him, he sounded groggy. Kimberly knew that Eric had occasionally fallen asleep at the wheel and was afraid for him. Kimberly’s conversation with her brother was the last she ever had with him.

Later that night, Fulton County homicide detective Kip Young got a phone call about gunshots being fired and a possible homicide in a new Atlanta subdivision. Young was surprised by the unlikely crime scene. This particular subdivision was located in an upscale part of town and was still under construction.

As Young surveyed the scene, he found a man in his mind-thirties facedown in an abandoned front yard.  It was Eric Clark, who had been shot several times at point-blank range — execution style. Detective Young was puzzled— the crime scene seemed misplaced. After all, Young even had difficulty locating the subdivision. How would someone from out of town know where it was –and why would they want to be there?  Could it have been a robbery or a drug deal gone wrong?

With no gun, few leads and an unlikely crime scene, would Young ever be able to find the killer or killers who ended Eric’s life? Would his wife and family get justice?